Before we get started, we need to make sure What Docker is, and Why Docker is important.

I’m not gonna being assume that you are React beginner.

Could you assume that you run other developer’s complex project on your laptop?

Just installing npm package doesn’t run others’ project completely on your device. right?

The Docker goal is to ease the creation, deploy and the delivery of an application using the so called Containers instead of creating a full operating system.

That’t it. 😁

Let’s go~~~✍🏻

If you are using a Mac:

If you are using Windows:


Implement API server with Node.js

Now , let’s build the API server with Node.js ( Express ). When implementing the front end with Vue.js or React.js , it is assumed that the API server front end will be implemented in the same repository , but in that case, Node.js will also follow the ES6 notation with Webpack. It will be ( not an image that becomes a notation).

const hoge = require(‘hoge’)

import hoge from ‘hoge’

First install Express and build a simple server

$ yarn add express

Then go to the root directory, app.js to create the edit as following.

// app.js
const express =…

It’s common to hear GraphQL described as a REST killer. Here to slash your REST services, to end your endpoints. But today, let’s not focus on conflict. Let’s consider where GraphQL and REST share something in common: HTTP requests.

That’s right. If you know how to send HTTP requests, you already have the tools necessary to build a client application that communicates with any GraphQL API. We can get data using any method that sends an HTTP request. Let’s build a tiny client by using fetch, which will work in the browser:

const query = `
query {…

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